Examine This Report on 百日宴攝影

争夺 zhēngduó v: battle-seize; battle for; contend for; scrabble for HSK amount 3 �?zhěng adj, v: full; complete; neat; tidy; set so as; do; repair service; punish HSK level three 整頓

壮大 zhuàngdà v, adj: fortify; develop in energy; extend; thick and strong HSK degree three 壯麗

一会儿…一会儿 yīhuì'er �?yīhuì'er �?now and afterwards; a little while HSK stage four 一技之長

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四处 sìchù n: 4 places; all around; hither and thither; almost everywhere HSK amount 3 四面八方 sì miàn bā fāng 4 sides and 8 Instructions; in each route HSK stage three 四周 sìzhōu n: surround in four directions; on all sides; throughout HSK amount 3 飼養

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总而言�?zǒng ér yán zhī generalize-and-say-it; To put it briefly; in brief; inside a nutshell HSK degree three 總共

Make sure that titles in APA citations are thoroughly capitalized. Capitalize only the primary letter of the very first word or any right nouns. Your Bibliography

总算 zǒngsuàn adv: entirely-depend; at long last; finally; in the long run; on the whole HSK amount 3 總之

Till 4 March, town’Tremendous will provide jointly signature cheeses, charcuterie merchandise and wines from the entire world, fulfilling even probably the most discerning palates.

难�?nánguài 航拍百日宴攝影 v, conj: it's tricky to blame; it's rarely a surprise; no wonder HSK level three 難題

成千上万 chéng qiān shàng wàn Many; massive quantity of HSK stage 3 成天 chéngtiān adv: all day long lengthy; continuously HSK degree three 成語

+# test normalization/dictionary handling of halfwidth katakana: exact same dictionary phrase in fullwidth and halfwidth

劳驾 láo jià excuse me; may I hassle you HSK stage 1 �?老二) lǎo(lǎo'èr) adj, pref: old; aged; rough; of extended standing HSK level one 老師

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